Jack Armstrong and the Magic of Cosmic X, Art for Millionaire Collectors

The Last Wizard - Jack Armstrong

The path to the most expensive contemporary art leads straight to Jack Armstrong, or “The Last Wizard”, as his friend, Andy Warhol, nicknamed him. He worked with Warhol in New York, the city he landed in 1979, along with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. After refusing a solo exhibition with the Castelli Gallery, he presented an anti-dealer ethos he would maintain throughout his artistic career.

Exactly twenty-five years ago, Mr. Armstrong founded his artistic current, “Cosmic Extensionalism”, after the crazy and equally visionary gesture of buying back his first artistic production and then destroying it between ‘94 and ‘97 to initiate a new style of modern art. 

“In 2019, Jack Armstrong finished 100 paintings, with prices ranging from 10 to 300 million dollars, of which only 22 paintings were available for sale. Jack’s ability to command such high prices for his work, especially in comparison to Andy Warhol’s market value during his lifetime, speaks volumes about Armstrong’s pieces’ unique appeal and investment potential.” stated international art expert Max Sukharev.  

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Jack Armstrong and the Magic of Cosmic X, Art for Millionaire Collectors

WARHOL NAKED Will Sell For Record $300 Million

Warhol Naked - Jack Armstrong

“Warhol Naked”

USA Art News: Is Art The New Crypto?

Jack Armstrong says, “With over 3,300 hundred billionaires in the world, billion dollar paintings will become commonplace in the future. The most valuable paintings will deliver much higher returns than crypto, while art insiders achieve multi-billion dollar fortunes like early crypto investors.”

“With banks insolvent globally ….. the rarest art will win.”

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WARHOL NAKED Will Sell For Record $300 Million

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